Why Choose KIKIT E-Cigarettes?

Whether you are looking for an alternative to tobacco for the first time or wanting a more efficient vaping device, then you have arrived at the right pace. There is a massive trend away from tobacco cigarettes all over the world with smokers now having alternatives without using combustible tobacco products. Technology has advanced in this space and KIKIT has combined with leaders in electronic cigarette technology to bring to the market a premium product that has quality pharmaceutical grade E-Liquid and produces huge amounts of vapour for a fraction of the price of a traditional cigarettes.

Although we make no claim about the therapeutic benefits of our products you have to ask your self why a  number of doctors are recommending KIKIT as a form of harm reduction

If you still need a reason to try it consider that during this century one billion lives will be lost to smoking related illnesses and that a documentary has been made A BILLION LIVES “a true story of government failure, big business and the vaping revolution”

KIKIT products are intended for existing smokers for  recreational use and make no claim about therapeutic benefits



  • Huge Vapour
  • Reliable Battery Performance
  • Pharmaceutical Grade E-Liquid
  • Freshly Sealed Cartridges
  • Australasian Operated
  • Non Leaking Cartridges
  • Free shipping for orders over $200
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Stainless steel construction

 NOW including portable charging case in deluxe kit

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